Alexander Schubert - Works
Full-length Pieces

1,5h participatory concert installation

Immersive AI Oracle Simulation

Black Mirror
one-hour participatory concert installation

A Perfect Circle
Therapy Session

Unity Switch
Interactive Virtual Performative Installation

Online Virtual Computer Game

Supramodal Parser
Post Rave for singer, ensemble, electronics, haze and light

Instruments + Live-Electronics + Visual Components

Star Me Kitten
For singer, flexible ensemble, video and electronics

for ensemble
Lucky Dip
For midi-drumkit, keyboard, electric guitar
For {any number of} instruments, live-electronics and video

Sensate Focus
For electric guitar, bass clarinet, violin, percussion, live-electronics and animated light
For string quintet, choreography and electronics

Bifurcation Fury
For electric bass guitar, live-electronics (and live-lights)
Codec Error
for double bass, 2 percussionists and light

Browsing, Idling, Investigating, Dreaming
for online quartet

For String Ensemble and AI System

Interactive Sensor Pieces

Your Fox's A Dirty Gold
For solo performer with voice, motion
sensors, electric guitar and live-electronics

Point Ones
For small ensemble and augmented conductor

Laplace Tiger
For drum kit, arm-sensor, live-electronics
and live-video

Weapon of Choice
For violin, sensor, live-electronics and live-video

Bureau Del Sol
For drumkit, {saxophone/piano/e-guitar or clarinet} and timecode-vinyl

Serious Smile
For sensor-equipped ensemble (piano, percussion, cello, conductor) and live-electronics

Instruments + Live-Electronics

Bird Snapper
For singer, saxophone, e-bass, e-guitar, perc. and keyboard

Superimpose I
For jazz quartet and electronics
Night of the Living Dead
For jazz quartet and electronics
Infinite Jest
For e-guitar, drum kit, saxophone and live-electronics

Superimpose Cycle
For jazz quartet and electronics
overview over the cycle

Sugar, Maths and Whips
For violin, double bass, piano, drum kit and electronics
For saxophone, percussion, keyboard, e-guitar, electronics

Black Out BRD
For any combination of instruments

Wavelet A
For 4 electric guitars and electronics

Community Pieces

for piano and internet

Silent Post
For {any number of} instruments and/or electronics and/or video
Public Domain
For one or more performers (+electronics/video)
Black Out Software
For any combination of instruments

Behind the Scenes
For any combination of instruments

Community Pieces

Performance Pieces

Performance and Documentation

Generative Action Networks (GAN)
AI-based Choreography Generator

Tape Pieces

Multichannel tape piece

Coryllus Avellana
49-channel tape piece with clarinet and electronics, 8'00''

Tape piece

Multichannel tape piece

The Password Disco
Stereo tape piece


Solid State
Audio- and Light-Installation

Audio-Visual AI Installation

Some forgotten patterns
Audiovisual Installation

Unit Cycle
Audiovisual Installation

AI Persona Server

AI Bot Collective

Video Pieces

It Was Not An Easy Situation
Video and Sound