Alexander Schubert - Works
Full-length Pieces

Immersive Control Scenario

Immersive AI Oracle Simulation

Black Mirror
one-hour participatory concert installation

A Perfect Circle
Therapy Session

Unity Switch
Interactive Virtual Performative Installation

Online Virtual Computer Game

Supramodal Parser
Post Rave for singer, ensemble, electronics, haze and light

AI-Simulation Performance Piece

Sleep Laboratory
VR-based Immersive Installation

Instruments + Live-Electronics + Visual Components

Star Me Kitten
For singer, flexible ensemble, video and electronics

for ensemble
Lucky Dip
For midi-drumkit, keyboard, electric guitar
For {any number of} instruments, live-electronics and video

Sensate Focus
For electric guitar, bass clarinet, violin, percussion, live-electronics and animated light
For string quintet, choreography and electronics

Bifurcation Fury
For electric bass guitar, live-electronics (and live-lights)
Codec Error
for double bass, 2 percussionists and light

Browsing, Idling, Investigating, Dreaming
for online quartet

For String Ensemble and AI System

Holo_Acid.MOV (CRYPT-File)
AI-based ensemble piece

Angel Death Traps
Transhuman Techno-Romantic Song Cycle

Interactive Sensor Pieces

Your Fox's A Dirty Gold
For solo performer with voice, motion
sensors, electric guitar and live-electronics

Point Ones
For small ensemble and augmented conductor

Laplace Tiger
For drum kit, arm-sensor, live-electronics
and live-video

Weapon of Choice
For violin, sensor, live-electronics and live-video

Bureau Del Sol
For drumkit, {saxophone/piano/e-guitar or clarinet} and timecode-vinyl

Serious Smile
For sensor-equipped ensemble (piano, percussion, cello, conductor) and live-electronics

Instruments + Live-Electronics

Bird Snapper
For singer, saxophone, e-bass, e-guitar, perc. and keyboard

Superimpose I
For jazz quartet and electronics
Night of the Living Dead
For jazz quartet and electronics
Infinite Jest
For e-guitar, drum kit, saxophone and live-electronics

Superimpose Cycle
For jazz quartet and electronics
overview over the cycle

Sugar, Maths and Whips
For violin, double bass, piano, drum kit and electronics
Black Out BRD
For any combination of instruments

Wavelet A
For 4 electric guitars and electronics

Community Pieces

for piano and internet

Silent Post
For {any number of} instruments and/or electronics and/or video
Public Domain
For one or more performers (+electronics/video)
Black Out Software
For any combination of instruments

Behind the Scenes
For any combination of instruments

Community Pieces

Performance Pieces

Performance and Documentation

Generative Action Networks (GAN)
AI-based Choreography Generator

Tape Pieces

Multichannel tape piece

Tape piece

The Password Disco
Stereo tape piece

Multichannel tape piece


Solid State
Audio- and Light-Installation

Audio-Visual AI Installation

Some forgotten patterns
Audiovisual Installation

Unit Cycle
Audiovisual Installation

AI Persona Server

AI Bot Collective

Asterism (Outdoor Version)
Outdoor Installation

Video Pieces

It Was Not An Easy Situation
Video and Sound