Alexander Schubert - Bifurcation Fury
For electric bass guitar, live-electronics (and live-lights)


Program Notes:
The story begins with two young girls fighting on the street. The winner, for the.
A differential equation system undergoes a bifurcation when a qualitative change in its orbit structure - obviously she's been petting them for too long by then - appears, as one or more parameters, oh, the strokes and offsets, I get it now, the undertow, such small volition, some heavy drag, of the dynamical system are changed. Bifurcation theory studies structurally unstable dynamical systems. She's been stripping for money the last few years.
Dynamic stability refers to perturbations in the phase space—the stability of fixed points.
And limit cycles. Structural stability refers to perturbations in the function space—the topological stability of orbit structures. A shadowed washout of your own repute.
Joey Berrenson, walks away and the loser attempts to throw something at him, but it goes through a nearby window. The store owner rushes out and pins adoption procedures. A key of heavy splinters, the nets draw in.
Also, for example: Pitchfork Bifurcation and Supercritical Hopf Bifurcation.