Alexander Schubert - Black Out BRD
For any combination of instrumtens


The piece is the “inverse” of the German National Anthem.
For that the melody and accompaniment of the anthem were reduced to one voice and fitted in one octave. Then for every resulting chord in this voice all other notes are taken in the piece “Black Out BRD”. For example the beginning of the anthem is a Eb in the melody and the accompaniment is Eb, Bb and G. So the resulting inverse beginning is C, C#, D, E, F, F#, G#, A, B. That is the first chord of “Black Out BRD”.

The initial idea for the piece is that it can be performed whenever the national anthem is played somewhere. It can then be played synchronously along to the anthem - resulting in blacking out the piece. Like that at every instance all chromatic notes will be heard - leading to a blackening out of the anthem.
The result both cancels the national music out and also includes a block of notes that could possibly include any other music, anthem or whatever you like to include in it.

It can also be performed individually and then is considered as an anti-statement against the national anthem and borders on its own.

Score / Voices
The basic score is a progression of these inverted chords.
Fitting voices for a given instrumentation can be generated on request.
The notes can be transposed by every instrument to a comfortable octave.
The instruments to perform this piece need to be able to create up to 11 pitches at the same time. So either it is a very hard piano piece, or a very simple piece for 11 instruments, or a medium piece for 5 instruments by using double stops, multiphonics and so on.