Alexander Schubert - Silent Post
for any performer, with or without electronics and video

Main Concept:
In “Silent Posts” there is a set of source pieces which serve as a starting point for the musician to interpret and to make a new version of. The piece can be played by a single musician or any number of players. The musician(s) can both choose a source piece (provided by the composer) as a starting point or another version that some other musician has created before him. It is basically a concept where the versions evolve, as in a family tree. A musician interprets the previous version following a set of lose guidelines which are described below. Aside from that he can also make a few changes in the piece based on a set of tools (which are also described below in detail).

Both the source pieces and the new versions can consists of all possible media (audio/music/text/video/performance). It may be a piece starting with a video, then consisting of recorded music, than a performance, and so on. The physical material that is handed out is a (very simple) score, which only indicates the lengths of the sections and the names for them. Also a video recording of the piece / version is handed out.

Source Pieces
The source pieces can consist of very diverse material. As the piece is based on the idea of remixing existing material the source pieces also already make use of art works, recordings and online material.
Furthermore some of the pieces may also be created in collaboration with other artists.

There are two main motivations behind this piece.
First I wanted to make a piece that lets the performer bring in his/her individual approach and personality. Secondly I found the idea interesting to see how a piece can evolve and become something completely different, that I have no control over. I also thought it would be interesting to see which road a piece takes and that it may become something totally unforeseen. The piece can explicitly be played by any musician / group of musicians. It’s coming from a contemporary classical background - but can also be performed by a punk band or an experimental electronic act.

The musician can interpret the previous version basically in any possible way. If a section is video the musician could for example describe the video in words, make a new video, act the video, or mimic the sound with the instrument. The same is true for all other media forms as well.
The only limitation is that it should not be arbitrary. It should be perceivable that you interpret a given section.

If you want to play the piece you can select one of the original pieces or a version another musician before you did. Any version can serve as the starting point for you, no matter if there are already other versions based on the piece you are choosing.
The above tree shows how the versions may evolve.

Take a look at the complete basic score as a PDF here .

Take a look at the first Source Piece A and the first Realizations