Alexander Schubert - Teaching
Regular Teaching Activities
I am a professor at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg in the multimedia composition department
and I am the artistic head of the electronic studio at the Musikhochschule Lübeck
In the summer semester 2016 I have been a guest professor at Folkwang University Essen

Workshops, Seminars, Lectures, Masterclasses
I have given lectures and workshops and courses at:
- University Lüneburg, Germany
- City University, London, England
- Barcelona, Spain
- Helsinki, Finland
- Darmstadt, Germany
- Bremen, Germany
- Ultima Oslo, Norway
- Gießen, Germany
- Cologne, Germany
- Sint Niklaas, Belgium
- IMEP Gent, Belgium
- Stockholm, Sweden
- IRCAM Forum, Paris
- Mexico City, Mexico
- Tel Aviv, Israel
- Darmstadt, Germany

I am giving courses/seminars with the following topics:
- Sensors and Live-Electronics
- Live-Video / Jitter
- Interaction / "Intelligent" Computers
- Introduction to Electronic Music
- The body in Electronic Music
- Concepts of Sampling and Remixing
- Introduction to MAX/MSP
- Electronic Music Performance Practice
- Practices and Theories of Remixing
- Analysis of 21st Century Music