Alexander Schubert - Free Tech Rental
Over the years I have acquired a wide range of technical equipment in order to realize and develop my pieces.
Some of the equipment I use regularly and some often simply sits in the studio unused for a lot of the time.
I therefore would like to offer young artists or projects in financial need to use these devices free of charge.
I don't want to become a rental business, I only want to support experimental artists in their projects.
No guarantee the devices are available or I am around to hand them out, but if it works out time-wise I'd be happy to.

If you break a device, tell me, and cover the repair costs.
Not for commercial projects.
This will mostly apply to Hamburg, where I am living, and where the equipment can be picked up.

To check availability contact me via email here (with specific items and dates): contact.

Equipment list:
- 4 LED RGB Spotlights
- 2 dynamic microphones
- 1 Atomic 3000 strobe light
- 2 Canon HD Cameras
- 1 electric guitar
- 2 power cables (40m)
- 1 fresnel 1kw
- 1 Zoom Recorder
- 1 Mackie Mixing Desk 16 channels
- 1 technics sl 1210 mk2
- 20 XLR cables
- 1 Presonus Soundcard
- Fog Machine
- 1 megaphone
- 1 electric bass
- (tbc)