Alexander Schubert - Nachtschatten
Nachtschatten - Program Notes
Nachtschatten is a tape piece based on instrumental and electronic sound material. It falls in a cycle of narrative pieces describing a fictional space or line of events. It uses rameins of romantic phrases distorted and replaced by micrtonal, noise based and frequency altering effects.

The piece has originally 20 channels and is spatialized by the ZKM software zirkonium - so it is adaptable to any loudspeaker setup.
The piece uses instrumental material in addition to recorded sounds and electronic processing. As the material is split up in 20 different channels at all points of the piece it is possible to spatialize the piece in a very strong way, leading to a sound result in which every element is recognizable as a single spatial event creating a wide range of different room ambiences and allowing the listener to be placed in a dense field of organic sounds. The spatalization uses besides the standards movement types the movement of granulized particals and the spectral decomposition of frequency parts to moce them separately.
The piece was producedduring a residency at the ZKM, Karlsruhe in late 2008.

It has been premiered at he ICMC 2009 in Montreal.
With the piece the composer won a residency prize at the Bourges competition.
The piece was released by the CEC Prix Jeu de temps / Times Play Awards