Alexander Schubert - Behind the Scenes

In the concert venue, the ensemble or instrumentalist performing the piece finds a person working in the building. The worker will be the protagonist for this piece.
For example this can be cleaning personnel or a caretaker. It should not be a staff member involved in the artistic tasks and development in this concert or any other artistic aspect of the house. The idea is to provide a window for one person (or several) that work behind the scenes. To give them the possibility to show what they find interesting, and also to split some of the income of the concert with the working people in the shadows.
This piece is a section of questions, which can be answered by the person. It is not conditional to answer all of them, but at least one should be answered.
This can be done live, or with live video, or with recorded video produced beforehand on location.
The sections will be accompanied in concert by the musicians.
The duration of the piece is variable (and can be as short as 1 minute and as long as 15 minutes).
The participating person should receive at least as much of a payment as the musicians in the concert. This is not negotiable.
The commission fee will also serve as a fee for the personnel and will be spread over the first few performances. The composer intends not to make money of this piece.

not every question needs to be answered.

What is your favorite place in this building?
Which part do you like least?

What is your favorite sound in this building?
Which sound do you like the least in this building?

What do you do here?
What is it you like doing here?
Which part of your work don’t you like here?

What piece of music would you like to be played by the musicians?
What concert / performance / work did you see here?

Do you listen to music when you work here?
If yes, can you give 3 examples?
Music A
Music B
Music C

Do you talk with the artists working here?
Is there something you like to say to the audience?
Is there something you’d like to show them/perform?
This is a suggestion. Can be modified based on actual footage.
Depending on the footage from the questions different sequences and forms of dramaturgy are thinkable.

If you think of fitting additional questions - I’m very happy to discuss their inclusion and am sure that it can be helpful to consider the local aspect of the performance!

Format / Medium
The answers to the questions can be documented in the following:
Beforehand, and taped on video and the played in concert (like a short film)
Narrated live by working personnel (with video and/or photo material to back it up)
A live-camera man goes to the spots and transmits the live video on the canvas in the concert hall
The audience goes together with the cleaning personal to look at the spots

The ensemble plays / performs the musical examples and art examples given by the working personnel. Also other material can be underlined with video.

Interviewer / Realization/span>
The questions can be asked by any member or group of members from the ensemble. If the composer is present he’s happy to help, but it’s not a necessity.

It’s also possible to ask a third party to carry out the task (e.g. a film maker or similar).