Alexander Schubert - HELLO
For flexible group of instruments*, live-electronics and video

Program Notes
Hello is a audio-visual piece in which the projection serves as a score to be interpreted by the ensemble. The video consists of gestures performed by the composer in his living room. The piece comes in eight movements and is an invitation into the personal world of Alexander Schubert. Please enjoy.
The piece can be played more or less by any combination of instruments. It is advised to have at least four players, one of which is a piano/guitar/accordion or similar to play chords. Also a percussionist should be included. For combinations that do not fall into this description please contact the composer to check.

You are invited to use other small instruments or props other than those found in your ensemble. For example toy instruments, everyday household tools or found objects. Chose these instruments in order to fit a given video gesture you want to accompany.