Alexander Schubert - Unit Cycle
Audiovisual Installation

Program Notes:
"Unit Circle" is an autonomous, audio-visual installation.
The work is is realized with the graphical music programming language MAX/MSP. The software is used to design custom audio programs by connecting objects with cables. This part of the program is visible to the programmer and is not intended for the audience under normal circumstances.
This installation displays the contents of the programming window for the viewer. So basically you just look at at the graphic source code of a program.
This would normally be a static image. But in this case the two dynamic things happen. First of all the program is active and the objects, values, connections and positions will change, creating something like a moving chart diagram. Then also the program captures the screen, which means it looks at itself, just like the viewer on the screen, and then superpositions this view on top of the window, creating cascading effects, visual feedback and other effects.
In general in this situation, what you see is what you get: The visual result of the installation is the same as the source code creating it. It's a closed loop. A Unit. A circle. A Cycle.

Alexander-Schubert-Unit-Cycle1 Alexander-Schubert-Unit-Cycle2 Alexander-Schubert-Unit-Cycle3 Alexander-Schubert-Unit-Cycle4 Alexander-Schubert-Unit-Cycle5 Alexander-Schubert-Unit-Cycle6 Alexander-Schubert-Unit-Cycle7 Alexander-Schubert-Unit-Cycle8 Alexander-Schubert-Unit-Cycle9 Alexander-Schubert-Unit-Cycle10 Alexander-Schubert-Unit-Cycle11 Alexander-Schubert-Unit-Cycle12