Alexander Schubert - Bird Snapper
For singer, saxophone, e-bass, e-guitar, drum kit and keyboard
written for and commissioned by "Ictus Ensemble"


"Bird Snapper" is a contemporary love and pop song.
It illustrates a close to death experience of a spy, caught between enemy lines,
with broken communication channels, drifting into the horror of bizarre violence outbursts, hanging on a thin wire of affection.

Lyrics excerpt:

“Bird snapper” repeated thrice, the secret password,
the transmission jacks: white lines and pauses,
suspension overwrites with fear.
Crystal breath mint, love, hung up, pyramid of ears
but instead, “in the hissing of our silence”:
a cut-up wire and I hoped you were there.

I tried to call, read the verses on your machine,
sweet chances, withdrawal and cat food.
The bell rang. static hiss and cut channels:
glisten and electric, sparkle-mud,
dead flies, deaf lies, bait lithe, bet rise, bed heist.