Alexander Schubert - Bird Snapper
Your interception,
has struck in hard, with a bullet.

Like the flames - your saliva.
Like the planes - your saliva.

“Bird snapper” repeated thrice, the secret password,
the transmission jacks: white lines and pauses,
suspension overwrites with fear.
Crystal breath mint, love, hung up, pyramid of ears
but instead, “in the hissing of our silence”:
a cut-up wire and I hoped you were there.

Sky wire glistens in the youth of dead spy sons.
Shy squire listens to the booth of rat spill ones.

In haste: we drop,
Flips the camera, the skeleton key turns:
I hope she hangs up before I die.

I tried to call, read the verses on your machine,
sweet chances, withdrawal and cat food.
The bell rang. static hiss and cut channels:
glisten and electric, sparkle-mud,
dead flies, deaf lies, bait lithe, bet rise, bed heist.
Microphone lice: “Arise Therefore!”, she wept sincerely.
Drink silk, call plane, and the abomination scheme:
bear trap backfires: bursts! the animal lice.
Still lightning, the canister catches fire.
Dead baby bunnies in the suitcase climb higher.

You reveal disgust, the receiver cracks,
and the bullwhip smacks her in the face.