Alexander Schubert - Steady State
Solo performer, two assistants, EEG-cap, motion sensor, video and live electronics
Zubin Kanga

Program Notes:
“Steady State” is a performative piece that integrates neuroscience and technology to create a feedback loop between the performer’s brain activity and computer generated stimuli. Using an EEG cap, the performer’s dominant brain frequencies are measured as they interact with strobing video projections. The performer’s gaze and brain activity influence the visuals, creating a continuous loop. The piece blurs the lines between installation and performance, with the performer turning into a transhuman processing unit revolving around the body, computation, hallucination, and transcendence.

Costumes by Felina Levits
Video by Alexander Trattler
Neuro-Programming Serafeim Perdikis
Premiered at National Concert Hall, Dublin.
Commissioned and created as part of Cyborg Soloists, a UK Research and Innovation Future Leaders Fellowship project, based at Royal Holloway, University of London. Brain sensors by ANT Neuro.


Copyright photos: (c)Roisin Murphy O Sullivan