Alexander Schubert • Material for Sensor-Based Pieces

The following pieces require sensors to control the electronics of the piece:
• Point Ones (2 Sensors)
• Your Fox's A Dirty Gold (2 Sensors)
• Laplace Tiger (2 Sensors)
• Serious Smile (6 Sensors)


For the sensors you can chose between two options:

1. "BITalino R-IoT" Sensors (this is the preferred choice!):
• All info can be found here
• They can be purchased here for 100€ per sensor
• You can also rent a set of sensors, wristbands and a wifi router as an already configured complete package from me
• These patches will be supported in the future, and the sensors are more reliable and easy to use
• For this you additionally need a wifi-router

2. Wii Controllers (Legacy Version):
• They are basically wii remote game controllers sewed to sweat bands.
• The pair of sensors can be bought from me
• Or you can build them yourself (there's an explanation in the dropbox how to do that).
• for this you also need an Osculator program license (~20€)
• not obligatory but very helpful:
• bluetooth dongle
• 2 active USB-repeater cables
• All info can be found here